VB2020 presentation: Another threat actor day…

Hospitals can be attractive places for hackers. With access to critical medical records and personally identifiable information, there is great opportunity to exploit patients.

At VB2020 localhost Paul Jung, of Excellium Services, detailed an incident response that he and his team faced when, in December 2019, a Belgian hospital required their help to manage a breach of their informations system.

In his presentation, Paul detailed the attack – which he and his team attributed with high confidence to TA505 – and explained the droppers, the malware and the TTPs used.



Though certainly not the only sector with its own specific IT security needs, healthcare is a good example of why generic security advice often doesn’t apply. At VB2017 in Madrid, Jelena Milosevic, a nurse with a passion for IT security, shared an inside view of the state of digital security in the healthcare sector.

If you missed VB2020 localhost don’t worry, the content is still available to view – simply register at https://vblocalhost.com/registration/ and follow the links in the registration email.



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