Become a Sophos XDR-certified admin

Credit to Author: Editor| Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 12:00:15 +0000

Hot on the heels of our first Threat Hunting Academy, we’re pleased to announce that registration is now open for Threat Hunting Season 2.

This time around, we’re laser-focused on why access to more data is better and how you can harness the power of Sophos XDR to shore up your defenses.

In four live sessions (plus two on-demand bonus sessions), we’ll illustrate why access to all of your company’s data sources ― from emails and endpoints to servers and firewalls ― will make you a superior threat hunter. More specifically, we’ll give you the technical expertise needed to master Sophos XDR ― and the new data lake ― to take your protection to the next level.

Best of all, in Threat Hunting Season 2, you’ll have the chance to watch a human-led threat hunt with an assist from Sophos EDR and XDR. It’s here that you’ll leverage all of the data sources we cover and put your new skills to the test, witnessing first-hand how data access can keep you one step ahead of the bad actors.

Please note: You do not have to attend the initial Threat Hunting Academy to enroll in this series. Following the series, we will distribute a brief test for those interested in becoming a Sophos XDR-certified administrator.

Threat Hunting Academy Season 2 Schedule

Attendees will only have to register once for the series.

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