Addigy promises a fix for Apple devices stuck on OSUpdateScan

Enterprise admins handling fleets of Macs take note: there’s a new security management tool from Apple device management firm Addigy.

The MDM Watchdog Utility monitors the MDM framework on devices and automatically forces software patches to be installed if they’re not already in place. This is designed to help solve a specific problem in which some (not all) managed Macs do not properly install Apple’s Rapid Security Response updates.

When security isn’t

In today’s fast-moving threat environment, Apple has introduced Rapid Security Response (RSR) as a key front line against new threats. The defense is intended to be distributed and installed across Apple’s platforms as swiftly as possible once new threats are identified. The idea is that by expediting distribution and making installation a quicker process, it will be easier to maintain security across Mac fleets. That’s important as the scale of Apple deployments grows and enterprises move to support employee choice.

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Why you should use Apple’s Rapid Security Response

Mac, iPad, and iPhone users can choose to automatically install system security patches as they are released with a new Apple feature called Rapid Security Response.

Rapid Security Response aims to secure Apple’s platforms with automated security updates. The idea is that if every user automatically installs such patches, the entire ecosystem becomes inherently more secure.

Announced last year at WWDC 2022, Apple began testing the feature in October. During beta testing, it shared four content-free downloads to test its distribution system, including one recent test in March. While the feature can be enabled on devices running the latest operating system, as of this month Apple had not yet begun to ship genuine security patches.

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Jamf VP explains enterprise security threats — and how to mitigate them

Apple-focused device management and security vendor Jamf today published its Security 360: Annual Trends report, which reveals the five security tends impacting organizations running hybrid work environments. As it is every year, the report is interesting, so I spoke to Michael Covington, vice president of portfolio strategy, for more details about what the company found this year.

First, here’s a brief rundown of some of the salient points in the report:

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For Apple’s enterprise success, endpoint management is the new black

Yet more data shows the acceleration of Mac adoption in the business world.

Okta’s recent Businesses at Work 2023 report shared numerous insights into the state of enterprise IT. One in particular grabbed my attention: endpoint management and security tools have become the most popular category of security product across the enterprise, with some players achieving really significant growth, partly on the back of their Mac support.

The data: Jamf Pro has seen 428% customer growth across the last four years, while smaller vendor Kandji experienced a 172% increase in its customer base in just the last year.

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Enterprise mobility 2023: UEM meets DEX

If there was ever any doubt about the future of unified endpoint management (UEM) as a key component of enterprise mobility strategies, the now-permanent shift to hybrid and remote work models has sealed the deal. UEM has become a critical part of enterprise efforts to manage this complex environment.

Forrester Research’s 2022 Business Technographics Infrastructure Hardware Survey shows that 28% of infrastructure hardware technology decision makers will be investing in UEM over the next 12 months. “This is in line with previous years, so we continue to see stable growth in the UEM market,” says Andrew Hewitt, senior analyst at Forrester.

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Qualys now supports macOS in its cloud security tools

Qualys, sometimes described as one of the pioneering SaaS vendors, has bent with the times to begin offering Mac support within its cloud security offering.

A pioneer in SaaS goes Mac

Since it launched in 1999, Qualys has traditionally offered its services to PCs, mobile devices, and cloud-native applications. The company’s original 2000 product, QualysGuard, was distinguished as one of the first to market vulnerability management tools.

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Uber data stolen via third-party vendor

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Uber is dealing with another cybersecurity incident after an attack on Teqtivity.

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AWS brings Verified Access security to the Apple enterprise

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