Steer clear of cryptocurrency recovery phrase scams

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We take a look at a common cryptocurrency scam which focuses on your recovery phrase.

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Jamf: Generative AI is coming to an Apple IT admin near you

Imagine running fleets of iPhones that alert you when unexpected security-related incidents take place, or when otherwise legitimate service requests arrive from devices at an unexpected time or location. Imagine management and security software that not only identified these kinds of anomalies but gave you useful advice to help remediate the problem.

This, and more, is the kind of protection Jamf hopes to deliver using generative AI tools.

Generative IT for Apple admins

Jamf believes generative AI can be a big benefit to tech support and IT admin, and talked about its efforts at the end of an extensive Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) keynote. Akash Kamath, the company’s senior vice president, engineering, explained that just as the Mac made computing personal, genAI makes AI personal.

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Message to IT: Update all your Apple devices right away

Apple has pushed out an essential security update to defend against yet another attack by an out-of-control mercenary surveillance group.

Like a bad smell, NSO Group has clawed its way back into the spotlight with yet another unprincipled attack against free speech and citizens’ rights, as revealed by Citizen Lab. The security researchers found this latest example of a sinister, yet egregious zero-click attack while checking the device of an “Individual employed by a Washington DC-based civil society organization with international offices.”

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Victim records deleted after spyware vendor compromised

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We take a look at another compromise of a mobile spyware app maker, and ask whether this action comes with hidden danger.

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With BYOD comes responsibility — and many firms aren't delivering

Apple deployments are accelerating across the global enterprise, so it’s surprising that many organizations don’t properly recognize that change. Even when companies put Macs, iPhones, and iPads in the hands of their employees, they are failing to manage these deployments. It’s quite shocking.

That’s the biggest take-away from the latest Jamf research, which warns that almost half of enterprises across Europe still don’t have a formal Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy in place. That’s bad, as it means companies have no control over how employees connect and use corporate resources, creating a nice, soft attack surface for criminals and competitors alike.

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Jamf Threat Labs subverts iPhone security with fake Airplane Mode

Fresh security research from Jamf Threat Labs may not reflect an active attack, but it does illustrate the layered complexity of today’s threat environment.

When Airplane mode isn’t Airplane mode

In brief, the researchers have figured out a proof of concept attack that tricks victims into thinking they are using Airplane Mode. However, in reality the attacker has put in place a fake version of that mode that looks normal but lets the attacker maintain access to the device.

This is by no means a straightforward attack and hasn’t been seen in the wild. The exploit is complex and would require an attacker to successfully take control of the target device through a series of exploits, the research claims. 

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Was Steve Jobs right about this?

Perhaps Steve Jobs was right to limit the amount of time he let his children use iPhones and iPads — a tradition Apple maintains with its Screen Time tool, which lets parents set limits on device use. Now, an extensive UNESCO report suggests that letting kids spend too much time on these devices can be bad for them.

Baked in inequality and lack of social skills

That’s the headline claim, but there’s a lot more to the report in terms of exploring data privacy, misuse of tech, and failed digital transformation experiments.

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Apple: Proposed UK law is a ‘serious, direct threat’ to security, privacy

New UK government surveillance laws are so over-reaching that tech companies can’t possibly meet all of their requirements, according to Apple, which argues the measures will make the online world far less safe

Apple, WhatsApp, Meta all threaten to quit UK messaging

The UK Home Office is pushing proposals to extend the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) with a range of proposals that effectively require messaging providers such as Apple, WhatsApp, or Meta to install backdoors into their services. All three services are now threatening to withdraw messaging apps from the UK market if the changes move forward.

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