A week in security (March 11 – 17)

Credit to Author: Malwarebytes Labs| Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 14:57:10 +0000

A roundup of security news from March 11–17 covering our most recent blogs and other news, including Lazarus Group, Emotet, PSD2, reputation management, Google’s Nest, and Firefox Send.



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Carbon Emissions: Oversharing Bug Puts Security Vendor Back in Spotlight

Credit to Author: BrianKrebs| Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 17:38:57 +0000

Last week, security firm DirectDefense came under fire for over-hyping claims that Cb Response, a cybersecurity product sold by competitor Carbon Black, was leaking proprietary from customers who use it. Carbon Black responded that the bug identified by its competitor was a feature, and that customers were amply cautioned in advance about the potential privacy risks of using the feature. Now Carbon Black is warning that an internal review has revealed a wholly separate bug in Cb Response that could in fact result in certain customers unintentionally sharing sensitive files.

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