Digitization of electric utilities – Meralco’s innovative approach

Credit to Author: Frederic Abbal| Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 13:36:52 +0000

Ferdinand Balagtas from Meralco joined us in Singapore to share the next steps in their digitalization journey. Already using smart technology and testing microgrids to generate an “explosion of information,” it is how they use this information that will shape the future of their electric utility in the Philippines. In the face of climate change, “this will give us direction and guide us on how we are going to improve to meet the changing customer demands, enhancing the performance of our distribution system.” 

Watch this panel to hear from business leaders at top electric utilities. From the left to the right: Meralco’s Ferdinand Balagtas, Provincial Electricity Authority’s Pongsakorn Yutthakovit, South Australia Power Networks‘ Mark Vincent and Schneider Electric’s Carola Puusteli.

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