146 New Android Bugs, an Audio Porn Streaming Site, and More News

Credit to Author: Alex Baker-Whitcomb| Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2019 21:49:51 +0000

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Android users are groaning and websites are moaning, but first: a cartoon about what to do with a broken laptop.

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146 new vulnerabilities all come preinstalled on Android phones

Security firm Kryptowire discovered 146 vulnerabilities—across 29 Android smartphone makers—that exist before the phones are even taken out of the box. And these aren't your usual email phishing or scammy app downloads—the vulnerabilities Kryptowire found are often preinstalled at a system level, with no way to purge them from your device. Google is taking steps to fix the problem, but it's clear the company has a long way to go.

Audio porn streams erotica to your ears—and your imagination

Caroline Spiegel (yes, she’s the sister of Snap’s Evan Spiegel) is the cofounder of Quinn, a website described as "Spotify for audio porn." Quinn streams audio-only erotica with not a GIF or video in sight, and the platform features messaging, likes, and comments like any other social media platform. Spiegel says her audio-only format is "actually more pleasurable, more erotic, and more fun" than something like PornHub, which attracted 33.5 billion visits in 2018.

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