RSA Conference 2020—Empower your defenders with artificial intelligence and automation

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The RSA Conference 2020 kicks off in less than three weeks, and the Microsoft Security team can’t wait. This is one of our most important annual events because it provides an invaluable opportunity for us to connect with customers, partners, and other security thought leaders. New ideas are explored. Conventional thinking is challenged. For as important as technology is to cybersecurity, it’s the people doing this work, day in and day out, that truly inspire us.

The role of people in security will be a big theme in Microsoft’s presence at RSA Conference 2020. Our job as technologists is to build intelligent solutions that unleash defenders to do what they do best: creative problem solving. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are vital for strong cybersecurity and risk management, not because technology alone can defeat cyberattacks, but because these tools enable people to defend against emergent threats. In Microsoft’s two keynotes, 11 earned sessions, and 42 theater events, Microsoft security experts will share thoughts on how you can empower the heart of your security organization—your people—with AI, machine learning, and automation.

Here are a few highlights to help you plan your time.

Why your people are still your best cyber defense

Keynote speaker: Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions Group

When: Wednesday, February 26

Time: 4:05 PM – 4:25 PM

Access to AI and machine learning, which is powered by the cloud, will mean the difference between struggle or success for modern organizations that defend against cybercriminals. But technology is not enough. The organizations that quickly recover from a cyberattack have another thing in common: an agile team that can problem solve under stress. It works because attackers haven’t prepared for the resilience of the human spirit. So how do you build a culture where people are your best defense? Ann will share some best practices at her keynote.

Collaborating to improve open source security: how the ecosystem is stepping up

Keynote speaker: Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer, Azure

When: Friday, February 28

Time: 9:50 AM

The software supply chain is increasingly under attack. Bad actors attempt to insert malware at all points in the complex network of open source packages, spanning languages, operating systems, runtimes, and tools that make up modern software. But the story isn’t all bad news. Industry and the open-source community have come together to mitigate these threats and improve the security of open source software. This collaboration has produced new ideas for building trust in the supply chain for consumers and producers of software, large and small. Mark’s talk is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the future of supply chain security.

Zero Trust: the buzz, the myths and the facts

Earned session speaker: Bret Arsenault, CVP and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Microsoft

When: Thursday, February 27

Time: 9:10 AM – 10:10 AM

Session code: STR-R02

“Zero Trust” is the biggest buzz-word in security since block chain, but what does it mean? Is there a consistent approach or definition? In this session, Bret will discuss what Zero Trust is (and what it isn’t) based on his real-world experience defining a Zero Trust strategy at Microsoft. And, as you’ve come to expect, he’ll give it to you straight. Carve out time for this event to get practical advice for applying Zero Trust to your own organization.

The Microsoft booth theater sessions

The Microsoft booth will be a buzz of activity. If you’re interested in learning about our platform investments, come to one—or several—of our 42 theater sessions. These presentations will dive into our solutions across Zero Trust, Identity & Access Management, Threat Protection, Information Protection & Compliance, and Cloud Security. Learn how our integrated solutions, with AI and machine learning built in, enable defenders to safeguard data, devices, apps, and people.

Or take on hacker “157” in our virtual reality escape room for a fun way to see how our solutions work together.

Read about more of our featured sessions.

Microsoft Security 20/20 partner awards event

Microsoft will host a private awards ceremony to recognize partners in 16 award categories that span security integration partners, system integrators, and managed security service providers. These partners have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions and services during the past year. It will be an honor to celebrate their vision at this event.

Visit the Microsoft RSA Conference 2020 website to register and learn more about our featured speakers and sessions, so you can make the most of your time.

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