How KNX can help make automation commercially viable

Credit to Author: Atin Chhabra| Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 09:13:13 +0000

KNX empowers you to control a number of cloud-connected devices under one roof with a single system. While automation has the power to control and monitor the operations, it finally hands over the control in your hands to make it work. 2000 was the period when most commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings started having Building Automation System. These buildings with access control are referred to as an intelligent building or smart buildings.

Home automation systems are yet a new concept for the developing countries. However, developed countries have full-fledged adopted the system. Ranging from operations like access control, lighting and temperature control this is a new age technology giving smart solutions to the group of early adopters. As the technology serves a plethora of problems faced in terms of energy efficiency and power consumption, it needs to be nurtured with the aim of mass adoption.

Its applications find relevance in homes, industries, offices, school and hotels where a number of power consumption devices are used. KNX can be used to redesign the entire space to serve the highest level of comforts and automation keeping in mind the perfect solution in accordance with human nature and behavior.

To make it commercially viable, active efforts in spreading awareness will serve the purpose. Moreover, deploying the same technology at more affordable prices will help the developing countries benefit from it. Here is how the technology is helpful in every industry –

  • Healthcare and Hospitals – Digital monitoring in healthcare are extremely important as safety measures, and constant monitoring makes the institution more accountable.
  • Hotels – To meet the needs and expectations of the guests, technological support is the perfect solution. Not only does it provides a high level of comfort, but also ensure the security of the place.
  • Official Buildings – One of the major reasons to install the automation and control system in offices is to make the building safe. The ripple effect of this technology is seen when the maintenance costs and energy consumption decrease substantially.
  • Homes – Home control is one of the major domains where this technology shows marvels. Apartments with home automation technology are witnessing an increase in demand in the real estate sector. Moreover, it helps in monitoring lighting, air conditioning and heating to improve the comfort of residents.

It is a remarkable leap in the automation sector and can be termed as another revolution when it comes to communication, data security and reliability. Schneider Electric India is the market leader and trendsetter in this industry, establishing a benchmark with rigorous efforts in this direction.



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