On tests and awards

Credit to Author: Kaspersky Team| Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2018 18:31:43 +0000

(Post updated on February 6, 2018)

Choosing an antivirus solution can be a difficult task; many companies develop AV products, and each one likes to toot its own horn. All the same, you don’t have to take the developer at their word. To help users make an informed decision, independent testing labs regularly conduct research looking into whether a particular solution is good at identifying different malware types, if it runs fast, and whether it triggers false alarms.

Of course, we would like you to choose one of our solutions — but for the right reasons. So, in this post we’ll discuss the awards Kaspersky Lab products have received from independent testing labs. You can find details on the awards in an earlier post.

The most important point is that we receive awards from many test labs. Had Kaspersky Lab products received a bunch of awards from just one organization, the testers’ impartiality or the test’s accuracy could be brought into question. But here, most labs are in agreement. See for yourself:

February 6, 2018, update

Our flagship solution, Kaspersky Internet Security, was awarded AV-Comparatives’ Outstanding Product Award in 2017. This is the seventh year in a row our company has demonstrated the highest results on AV Comparatives’ tests. Actually, we are the first and only antivirus solution developer to have achieved such outstanding results.

January 10, 2018, update

PCMag awarded Kaspersky Anti-Virus its Editors’ Choice and named it a pick for Best Antivirus Protection of 2018. In another article, The Best Security Suites of 2018, Kaspersky Internet Security received the same accolade. It’s not the first time we received this award — our products earned the same awards a year earlier.

2016–2017 awards

There are many awards and certificates out there, and some companies are still summarizing the results of 2017, so hopefully, we’ll receive awards from them soon; we will update this post as they come in. For now, here is a list of the most important awards we have already received.

Consumer product awards

Our flagship security solution, Kaspersky Internet Security, participated in the largest number of tests and therefore received the most awards. To begin with, in AV-TEST’s annual analysis, Kaspersky Internet Security won in the Best Performance (more proof that Kaspersky doesn’t cause “lag”) and Best Usability categories, with the lowest false positive rate (i.e., Kaspersky doesn’t raise flags for no reason).

In addition to its top product awards, PCMag named Kaspersky Internet Security an Editors’ Choice. In 2016, AV Comparatives awarded us its Outstanding Security Product Medal and a good number of Advanced+ Certificates for various months, and MRG Effitas testers gave us certificates for passing two tests: an Online Banking Certification Test and the 360-degree Assessment & Certification. The first one means Kaspersky Internet Security is good at protecting online payments and other transactions, and the second one proves it is also good at protecting from a variety of threats, including ransomware. Details about MRG Effitas’ tests and our solutions’ performance on them can be found here.

Independent SE Labs also awarded Kaspersky Internet Security its highest rating, AAA, based on comparative testing. Finally, Virus Bulletin gave us a VB100 Certificate for Kaspersky Internet Security catching 100% of threats and raising zero false flags during its test.

Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security are identical in terms of antivirus engines and security functions (you can learn about the differences between the two here), so you are safe to apply these awards to Total Security as well. They are the same solution, so it is just as reliable, works just as fast, and is just as accurate when distinguishing between malware and benign code. Kaspersky Total Security simply has several additional useful functions.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus has fewer functions and hasn’t participated in as many tests. However, that didn’t prevent it from winning PCMag’s Editors’ Choice award.

The mobile version of our protection solution, called Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, received the AV-TEST certificate.

Another product, Kaspersky Safe Kids, also received two AV-TEST certificates, one for the Android version and the other for the Windows version.

The free Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool was awarded AV-TEST’s Best Repair Award — in other words, the testers found it was the best at restoring a computer after an infection (though the best plan, of course, is not to get infected at all). A complete list of our awards can be found here.

Business product awards

Business products for both enterprises and small businesses received awards just as often as consumer-side applications did — or maybe even more often.

One of the most important was the 2017 Platinum Award from Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice, awarded to Kaspersky Endpoint Security. That award means the users of our solution rated it highly for ease of use, reliability, simplicity of installation, and technical support desk professionalism.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security also received awards from AV-TEST for the lowest false alarms rate and best protection. SE Labs gave our app the highest rating, AAA, and Virus Bulletin gave it a VB100 Certificate, which we discussed above.

Our small business protection solution, Kaspersky Small Office Security, also received an impressive number of awards. AV-TEST gave it three awards: best protection, best performance, and fewest false alarms. The product also received SE Labs’ AAA rating.

Another of our products, Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server, received Virus Bulletin’s highest Spam+ Verified rating in spam blocking, for recognizing more than 99.8% of all spam messages.

Summing up

Everyone has the right to say their product is great, but to get a good idea of which protection is really better, don’t just take the developer’s word for it. This is why independent tests exist, and they show that Kaspersky Lab’s products won’t let you down; they are capable of detecting everything that should be detected, and they won’t bother you with false alarms or bog down your computer. You can read more about independent testing and our awards here.