Behind the Research: The Making of “OODA: X-Ops Takes on Burgeoning SQL Server Attacks”

Credit to Author: Christopher Budd| Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022 11:00:25 +0000

Today, we released new Sophos research into a series of Microsoft SQL Server attacks. We also released a new piece outlining our vision of how security operations can and will be enhanced and improved by machine learning and artificial intelligence: “Building the AI-Driven SOC: Sophos’ 5-Year Perspective.” Finally, today we announced the launch of Sophos […]

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Sophos X-Ops FAQ

Credit to Author: Christopher Budd| Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022 11:00:05 +0000

What exactly is Sophos X-Ops?  Sophos X-Ops is a new, cross-operational (X-Ops) team linking SophosLabs, Sophos SecOps and Sophos AI, three established teams of cybersecurity experts at Sophos, to help organizations better defend against constantly changing and increasingly complex cyberattacks. The unit leverages the predictive, real-time, real-world, and deeply researched threat intelligence from each distinct […]

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Rapid Response: The Ngrok Incident Guide

Credit to Author: Angela Gunn| Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2022 08:01:51 +0000

Ngrok is a legitimate remote-access tool. It is regularly abused by attackers, who use its capabilities and reputation to maneuver while bypassing network protections. This incident guide shows Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and response teams how to detect and respond to the suspicious presence or use of ngrok on the network.

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