Webinar alert: How Coffee County Schools safeguards 7500 students and 1200 staff

We’re excited to announce that our much-anticipated 4th edition of the Byte Into Security webinar series is right around the corner. Scheduled for May 31st at 10:00AM PST/1:00pm EST, this session is a goldmine for those facing the unique challenges of K-12 cybersecurity. The webinar is free, and you can register right now!

We’re bringing Logan Evans, Director of Information Systems at Coffee County Schools in Georgia, into conversation with Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes. Together, they will explore the intricacies of maintaining robust cybersecurity for a rural school district with 7500 students and 1200 staff, managed by a small but mighty team of 10 IT and security professionals.

Here’s what you can expect from this dialogue:

  • An in-depth understanding of the hurdles faced by Coffee County Schools, in particular a stringent security audit.
  • How Malwarebytes’ Nebula platform has eased the management of cybersecurity for Logan and his team.
  • The role and value of machine learning in the school’s cybersecurity strategy.
  • Tips for balancing a secure environment that remains accessible to end-users.
  • Strategies for overcoming the challenge of hiring IT and security professionals in the education sector.
  • An emphasis on why security awareness training is essential for school districts.

You’ll also get a chance to learn about the cybersecurity threats looming over educational institutions and how to counteract them. 

We look forward to welcoming you to another exciting episode of the Byte Into Security webinar series. Don’t miss out on the chance to get an insider’s perspective on K-12 cybersecurity!

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